What creates Bon Hiep coffee brand name

Update: 08:00 | 14/09/2019
Coffee has existed in Central Highlands Vietnam for a long time. There are many well-known companies of producing coffee in this area. Bon Hiep Single share-holder limited company is one of these famous companies.
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what creates bon hiep coffee brand name

With the aim of producing and processing organic coffee, the company pays high attention for products quality, creating higher trust from consumers and always together with farmers in Central Highlands, these are the priority activities of company. The company was founded in 2004; it has been in business for 5 years of building and developing with a lot of challenges and difficulties, step by step the company is affirming its position in the domestic and international markets.

The company applies the organic coffee production and processing in value chain, the processing step applies the wet processing technic, this require the coffee must be ripen 100%, this creates the quality of Bon Hiep coffee a lot more different than other kind of coffees. In order to ensure the long-term coffee supplies and sustainable coffee value chain of the company, the company has contracted with 400 households producing coffee in Dak Nong Province in the total area of 1,200 ha and its production is 5,000 tons/year.

The company provides knowledge for farmers of organic coffee production via trainings, long-term investment organic fertilizer, biological coffee protection drugs, and input supply materials such as motors, pumps, drip irrigation pipe, building and dredging lakes to reserve water for irrigation and building rural roads), investing the wet processing technic for every households, each household receives 1 wet processing machine with the value approximately 860 USD each machine (20,000,000 VND/machine), 100% non-refundable investment by company.

The company trains farmers the wet processing technic of 100% ripe coffee beans by via following steps:

- Harvesting, washing coffee and removing dust.

- Classifying and removing the soft shell coffee, remaining the hard shell coffee inside.

- Putting coffee into the water tank and soaking for fermenting, removing the low quality coffee beans due to pests.

- Putting coffee beans into glass house and drying process on a grating at least 70cm above the ground. The increasing temperature inside house absorbs from sunlight through the glass screen.

what creates bon hiep coffee brand name

Via applying the wet processing technic of 100% ripe coffee beans, the processed coffee can remain the amount of sugar, vitamins and the natural fragrance of coffee especially coffee from basalt soil production area. In order to make sure about the quality and quantity of coffee production, the company has signed contract of purchasing coffee at the price of 6,000 vnd/kg with farmers. At that sustainable price, the farmers have joined with company to create a sustainable coffee value chain. In general, the coffee after applying wet process technic has been grown rapidly. The processed coffee was 150 ton in 2016, increasing to 200 tons in 2017, continuous growth to 300 tons in 2018 and the plan to increase from 500 to 800 tons between 2019 and 2020. The company has increased the purchasing coffee for farmers from 8.000 to 10.000 vnd each kg which is higher than market price because the coffee from farmers is organic so the demand of market is also high. The company has built a stronger trust with farmers and cooperative in production area, this creates sustainability Bon Hiep coffee value chain.

The company plan to export abroad and Vietnamese consumers who have smart choice to enjoy this great coffee. The company launches a new line of specialty roasted coffee, bringing its own characteristics, rich in the natural fragrance of the Central Highlands. This special coffee product has been trusted and favored by Vietnamese and international consumers. The company is certified high quality coffee.

The company affirmed that the process of producing organic coffee and wet processing technic with 100% ripe coffee produce high quality products, ensuring food safety is the right direction to build a strong brand by the trust of consumers.

The company always pays high attention for consumer’s health and community, ensuring the reputation with domestic and export customers.

We are welcoming you to try Bon Hiep Coffee to promote this special coffee to the world and to build a strong brand name of Vietnamese Coffee.

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