Vietnam, RoK enjoy thriving trade

Update: 18:00 | 25/07/2017
The Republic of Korea (RoK) surpassed the US to become the second largest trade partner of Vietnam, with two-way trade hitting 29.1 billion USD in the first six months of this year.
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The RoK also replaced China to post the largest trade surplus with Vietnam in the period, at 15.9 billion USD.

vietnam rok enjoy thriving trade
Vietnam and RoK enjoy thriving trade. (Photo: tapchitaichinh)

Vietnam’s export to the country increased by 29.1 percent, while imports surged 51.2 percent, bringing two-way trade value to 29.1 billion USD.

Vietnam mainly exports telephone, textile and aquatic products, electrics and spare-part, wooden products, vegetables and fruit to the RoK, while importing automotive parts, fiber, fabric, equipment and consumer products

Experts attributed the increase to the enforcement of the Vietnam-RoK Free Trade Agreement.

Last year, the value of trade between Vietnam and the RoK stood at 43.1 billion USD, of which Vietnam’s exports were valued at 11.5 billion USD, up 29 percent against 2015, led by industry and agriculture

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(Source: VNA)