Vietnam chairs Geneva session on disarmament

Update: 16:09 | 01/07/2019
Ambassador Duong Chi Dung, head of the Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, chaired the second plenary session in Geneva, Switzerland on June 28 discussing effective international arrangements to assure non-nuclear-weapon States against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapon – Negative Security Assurances (NSAs). 
vietnam chairs geneva session on disarmament Vietnam promotes enforcement of International Humanitarian Law
vietnam chairs geneva session on disarmament Vietnam actively contributes to UNHRC’s 39th session
vietnam chairs geneva session on disarmament
At the event. (Photo: VNA)

It was one of the four agendas at the Conference on Disarmament 2019 chaired by Vietnam.

As a guest of honour, Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria Alexander Schallenberg said technological advances have posed new challenges to international security environment. He called on countries to promote disarmament and weapon control mechanisms, respect international law, ensure peace and security in the region and the world.

German Ambassador Peter Andreas Beerwerth, Chinese Ambassador Li Song and Senior Advisor of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy Marc Finaud underlined the importance of NSAs in disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation mechanisms.

They affirmed that the principle of not being the first country to use nuclear weapons is an important factor in NSAs and urged countries with nuclear weapons to make unconditional commitment to not using or threatening nuclear attacks against non-nuclear-weapon countries.

Ambassador Dung said NSAs play an important role in ensuring the effective implementation of regional agreements, including the Southeast Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty.

Participants hoped that an international legally-binding agreement on disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation will soon be reached.

vietnam chairs geneva session on disarmament

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vietnam chairs geneva session on disarmament

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vietnam chairs geneva session on disarmament

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(Source: VNA)