• Vietnamese student in Australia launches YouTube food channel
    19:40 | 12/07/2018
    A Vietnamese student in Australia has launched a YouTube channel named Vuong Anh’s Cooking Journey to introduce Vietnam’s tourist spots and dishes from many regions.  
  • Social networks drive enterprises and state agencies crazy
    14:41 | 18/09/2017
    By playing their own rules, international social networks like Facebook or Youtube not only make it difficult for Vietnamese state agencies to dispense their tasks of administrative management, but they also cause Vietnamese enterprises endless misery with fake or misleading content.
  • YouTube removes 3,000 clips with bad content in Vietnam
    00:00 | 11/07/2017
    After working with Vietnamese authorities, YouTube and Facebook have removed 3,000 clips and over 600 accounts deemed inappropriate or slanderous toward Vietnamese individuals and organisations.  
  • Discovery produces Vietnamese sitcom
    00:00 | 05/07/2017
    Discovery, the well-known global cable channel, will collaborate with YouTube’s Vietnamese partner POPS Worldwide to produce a sitcom, Ai Moi La Ba Chu (Who is the Mistress?).
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