• vietnamese korean enterprises boost cooperation in green technology development
    10:57 | 20/02/2020
    Vietnamese firms in the field of green technology will have opportunities to connect trade, services, investment and technology transfer with Korea partners.
  • ukraine trained vietnamese businesspeople contribute greatly to vietnam ambassador
    14:52 | 14/02/2019
    Ambassador of Ukraine to Vietnam Oleksiy Shovkoplias has taken office as the head of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Vietnam for eight years and a half. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, he shares his viewpoint on bilateral relations as well as the role played by Ukrainians in Ha Noi and the Vietnamese businesspeople who started up in the East European country.
  • sustainable development of hi tech agriculture
    14:30 | 25/01/2019
    The development of agriculture 4.0 based on science and technology is a trend of many countries in the world, which will help the agricultural industry to be less dependent on the weather, reduce manual labour, shift small-scale production to large-scale farming, control food safety and hygiene and improve productivity.
  • japanese firms boost investment in precision mechanics
    16:58 | 11/07/2018
     Japanese businesses have been working with Vietnamese partners in technology transfer and equipment manufacturing, as well as increasing investments in precision mechanics.  
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