• gms 25 years of development
    07:00 | 06/04/2018
    With the theme of “Leveraging 25 Years of Cooperation, Building an Integrated, Sustainable and Prosperous GMS”, the 6th Greater Mekong Subregion Summit (GMS6) marks the 25th anniversary of the mechanisms, which aims to develop a prosperous, integrated and sustainable Mekong region in the midst of regional upheaval.
  • vietnam a corridor connecting mekong subregion
    07:13 | 05/04/2018
    On the occasion of the GMS 6 Summit and the CLV 10 Summit, which takes place in Vietnam from 29-31 March, Mr Alfredo Perdiguero, Director of Regional Cooperation and Operations Coordination Division, Southeast Asia Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB) shared his appreciation for Vietnam’s contribution to the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Initiative during an interview with the press.
  • developing infrastructure to promote transportation connectivity in gms countries
    15:14 | 03/04/2018
    At the 6th meeting of the Joint Committee for the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS) Cross-border Transport Agreement (CBTA) on March 14-15, Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Transport Le Dinh Tho affirmed that Vietnam is ready for the cross-border road connection among 6 GMS countries.
  • building gms clv regions of sustainable prosperous development
    10:27 | 02/04/2018
    After three effective working days in Ha Noi from March 29-31, the sixth Greater Mekong Subregion Summit (GMS-6) and the 10th Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam Summit on Development Triangle Area (CLV-10) wrapped up successfully, demonstrating the aspiration and determination of the GMS countries in building a Mekong subregion of peace, prosperity, and sustainable development for people.
  • vietnam treasures comprehensive cooperation with china pm
    09:43 | 02/04/2018
    Vietnam always treasures the friendship and comprehensive cooperation with China, regarding maintaining the stable and healthy relations with China as fitting the two countries’ fundamental and long-term interests and benefitting the preservation of peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region.
  • gms leaders approved joint statement
    21:34 | 31/03/2018
    The Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to the advancement of GMS Economic Cooperation Programme and continuing support for the principles underlying the GMS Framework and encourage all stakeholders to begin considering the way forward to address the gap between the success of the past 25 years and full realization of a sustainable, integrated and prosperous subregion. 
  • productivity improvement to make asean more competitive
    12:52 | 31/03/2018
    Closing the productivity gap in ASEAN will make the region more competitive as ASEAN integration continues to bring down trade barriers to support capital, goods, and labour movement within the region, said ASEAN Secretary-General Lim Jock Hoi.
  • gms 6 and clv 10 economic connectivity for sustainable development
    12:42 | 31/03/2018
    The sixth Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS-6) Summit and the 10th Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV-10) Development Triangle Summit continue taking place in Hanoi on March 31, the last working day, with important meetings.
  • to continue building a prosperous gms and clv
    07:00 | 29/03/2018
    Hosting the international press conference on the preparation of the 6th Greater Mekong Subregion Summit (GMS 6) and the 10th Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV-10) Development Triangle Area Summit from March 29-31 in Ha Noi, Deputy Foreign Minister Dang Dinh Quy stated that these summits are two of the largest multilateral diplomatic events to be held in 2018 in Viet Nam, and are closely linked with neighboring countries sharing the same development interests with Viet Nam.
  • pm requests best preparations for gms 6 clv 10
    12:59 | 27/03/2018
    Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has requested the best preparations for the sixth Mekong Greater Sub-Region Summit (GMS-6) and the 10th Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam Development Triangle Summit (CLV-10) scheduled for March 29-31 in Ha Noi. 
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