President’s India and Bangladesh visits reap successes

Update: 08:34 | 07/03/2018
President Tran Dai Quang’s freshly-concluded State visits to India and Bangladesh have gained successes in all spheres, said Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dang Dinh Quy. 
presidents india and bangladesh visits reap successes Vietnamese, Bangladeshi leaders hold talks
presidents india and bangladesh visits reap successes Bangladeshi newspaper highlights Vietnamese President’s visit

Answering reporters’ question about outcomes of President Quang’s visits to India and Bangladesh from March 2-6, the official said the President and Indian and Bangladeshi leaders reached a high consensus on major orientations to enhance relations between Vietnam and the two nations. 

presidents india and bangladesh visits reap successes
Deputy Foreign Minister Dang Dinh Quy. (Photo: Nguyen Hong)

The President’s Indian trip has helped materialise contents of the Vietnam-India comprehensive strategic partnership while strengthening the bilateral relationship. Meanwhile, the traditional friendship between Vietnam and Bangladesh has also been lifted to a new height, more effectively and tangibly, Deputy FM Quy said. 

Through discussions, leaders and delegations of Vietnam and India and Bangladesh understood more about their countries’ important role in the respective countries’ foreign policies, he noted.  

The leaders agreed on pragmatic measures with focus on connectivity, firstly between citizens, especially businesspeople, then aviation and navigation links, the official said. 

Deputy FM Quy further explained that the connectivity helps bring Vietnam closer to Dhaka and New Delhi while tapping cooperation potential between Vietnam and the two nations, for the sake of their people, and for peace, stability and development in the region and the world. 

Asked about President Quang’s speech before Indian politicians, professors, researchers, scholars and students at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in New Delhi, Deputy FM Quy said the leader sent a message that Vietnam and India enhance their comprehensive strategic partnership for more prosperous and developed Indo-Pacific and Asian regions, for common interests of all regional countries, and for peace and stability in the world. 

During his visits, along with seeking measures to step up bilateral ties in the coming time, the President met with representatives from different sectors, especially witnesses of the time-honoured relations, to review the foundations of the relations, Deputy FM Quy stressed.

Regarding economic, trade and investment links between Vietnam and India and Bangladesh, Deputy FM Quy said he firmly believes that potential for economic and trade cooperation between Vietnam and the two countries, which are developing rapidly with annual GDP growth rate exceeding 7 percent in recent years, will be tapped in the time ahead if they know how to turn political determination and connectivity efforts into reality and utilise opportunities generated by globalisation.

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(Source: VNA)