No Vietnamese victim in shooting attacks in New Zealand

Update: 10:32 | 16/03/2019
The Vietnamese Embassy in New Zealand has affirmed that there is no report on any Vietnamese victim in the shooting attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15.
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The embassy said as of 16:14 hours on March 15, the number of dead victims was reported at 49 while 48 others were injured in the incidents.

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The number of dead victims was reported at 49 while 48 others were injured in the incidents.(Source: AP)

The Foreign Ministry has instructed the embassy to keep up to date with related developments, maintain constant contact with local authorities and take citizen protection measures when necessary.  

In case of needing support, Vietnamese nationals are advised to contact the Vietnamese Embassy in New Zealand via the hotline +6421898814 or Vietnam’s citizen protection hotline +84 981 8484 84.

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(Source: VNA)