New Ha Noi Arts House - New art space for public

Update: 08:37 | 10/04/2020
TGVN. Artist Nguyen Thu Thuy opened the New Ha Noi Arts House at 97 Nguyen Dinh Thi, Tay Ho, Ha Noi on January 16, 2020, displaying a gallery of creative artworks including highlights of her past ten years. This new creative space welcomed the works of other artists too.    
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new ha noi arts house new art space for public
Artist Nguyen Thu Thuy. (Photo: TT)

Located on the banks of the romantic West Lake, the five-story house exhibits works by artists incorporating multiple themes and a variety of materials.

The first floor walls are covered with murals depicting the typical flowers of Ha Noi, featuring gladiolas, violets, dahlias, daisies and lilies.

Located on the second floor is the Pink Lotus Mirror Room plus a gallery that displays award-winning public artworks designed by artist Nguyen Thu Thuy and assisted by the New Ha Noi Art Company.

The key achievements displayed include the beautiful images of the Red River Ceramic Road, having earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records; the Twin Lotus murals at Noi Bai International Airport, awarded the Gold A'Design Award 2019; the Ha Noi Ceramic Mosaic Mirror House in Thong Nhat Park, awarded a Silver A’Design Award 2018; the Tropical Garden Mural at Da Nang International Airport, awarded the Bronze medal in International Design Awards in the US; the Vietnamese ceramic flag measuring 312m2 setting the record as the largest national flag created using ceramic mosaic; the Fountain Teapot created on Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen tea hill recognized as the biggest ceramic teapot set in Vietnam; the Golden Lotus Fountain in Mai Xuan Thuong park and Love Ha Noi Mosaic Heart sculpture by Truc Bach Lake both capturing honorable mention in the US in 2016.

new ha noi arts house new art space for public

Besides, images of the New Ha Noi Artists painting murals on the bank of the Seine River are on display as well as images of the impressive Ao Dai Fashion Show at Choisy le Roi city festival featuring local artists as models.

On the third and fourth floors, two photo galleries display works by Lai Dien Dam, Nguyen Huu Bao, Le Viet Khanh, Le Huy, Consuelo le Mire (Chile), Dominique de Miscault (France) and Xiomara Perez (Panama). Familiar images of Ha Noi are the focus of many photos, promoting Long Bien Bridge, Ho Guom, West Lake, Old Town plus panoramic views of Ha Noi at night.

new ha noi arts house new art space for public
new ha noi arts house new art space for public

What sets Thu Thuy apart is her attention to detail. Throughout the entire production of the garment from selecting the fabric, developing the prototypes, consulting with tailors or coordinating styles and colors, Thu Thuy is directly engaged in the process. Her dresses, coats, scarves and bags reflect the highest level of quality and excellence. Each fashion design is a wearable artistic creation.

Her line of fashions ranges from playful designs using digital art to portraying an artistic photo showcasing a Vietnamese landmark on an ao dai. Both day wear and elegant designs for the evening are available.

On the first day of the opening ceremony, a delegation of eleven female Ambassadors and cultural officials from the Embassies in Ha Noi, including the Swiss Ambassador - Gracita, the Deputy Ambassador of Israel - Shirel Levi, the wife of the US Ambassador - Nami, the wife of the Czech Republic Ambassador - Renata and the wife of Italian Ambassador - Paola Anita visited and bought fashions designed by artist Thu Thuy.

New Ha Noi Arts House is open daily from 9am to 7pm. It is designed to inspire and engage locals as well as international guests as they experience the powerful role art plays in our lives every day. The entrance is free. The New Ha Noi Arts House is currently closed due to COVID-19.

new ha noi arts house new art space for public
new ha noi arts house new art space for public

Captured through the eye of the photographer the beauty of Vietnam is preserved in images of Ha Long Bay, Dai Noi Hue, Huong River, Danang Beach, panoramic views of Ho Chi Minh City at night, Mui Ne sand dunes and the renowned rice terraces.

The Art Gallery displays portraits and landscape paintings by artists Nguyen Hoang Tung and Dinh Huy, lacquer paintings by artist Nguyen Thu Thuy, abstract paintings by artist Dinh The Anh, plus paintings describing nature in the native style of artist Maria Teresa Bobbio (Argentina).

A unique feature of this art gallery is the fact that the international artists whose works are exhibited participated in the implementation of the Ceramic Road Mural along the Red River ten years ago. These artists continue to be close friends of artist Nguyen Thu Thuy.

The highlight of the New Ha Noi Arts House, located on the fifth floor, is the Hall of Illusion Mirrors by artist Nguyen Thu Thuy in partnership with artist Mike Savad from New Jersey (USA). A cacophony of digital black and white stripes on the walls, floor and ceiling in a myriad of shapes and sizes creates an infinite array of patterns as visitors peer into the mirrors. Embedded in this design is a 3D image of the Long Bien Bridge radiating the brilliance of a stylized red sun. Children, as well as adults, are mesmerized by this experience.

Following the success of the mural painting and Ao Dai Fashion Show on the bank of the Seine River (France), artist Nguyen Thu Thuy initiated a new line of fashion designs. This was an opportunity to integrate painting and photography representing the beauty of Vietnam into the world of fashion with a distinctive style.

The ao dai is the traditional elegant Vietnamese dress. Artist Nguyen Thu Thuy shared: “It was the ao dai show on the Seine that brought me many creative fashion inspirations. The applause and warm greetings as the boys and girls of France and Vietnam walked hand in hand in the long dresses decorated by painters with the typical flowers of France and Vietnam inspired me. Fashion is an effective channel to promote culture and introduce the unique beauty of the country of Vietnam. After this experience, I developed a new area of design in fashion.”

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