“Lunar New Year’s stories” of Vietnamese students in France

Update: 13:29 | 05/02/2020
TGVN. Recently, Vietnamese students in the city of Toulouse, France, organized a festival of Vietnamese Tet Holiday 2020 with the theme “Lunar New Year’s stories”.
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lunar new years stories of vietnamese students in france
Vietnamese students in Toulouse, France.

The program was hosted by the Vietnamese Students Association in Toulouse, France (AEVTL). Taking the trend of “Vietnamese Literature” which was very popular in 2019, at the same time, in order to introduce Vietnamese culture to foreign friends, all the performances in the festival were made from old and new literary works.

Participants included Deputy Mayor of Toulouse, together with representatives of government agencies and more than 300 Vietnamese students, French people in Toulouse and neighboring towns.

The highlight of the festival was a photograph area made by students for many days. With the idea of Ms. Tam’s house in Tam Cam fairy tale with areca tree, fig tree, straw roof, the check-in area has brought a Vietnamese village space right in France.

Reminiscent of “traditional scholar” of poet Vu Dinh Lien, the organizing committee also arranged a small table with red paper, ink, brush and peach tree branches so that participants can write or ask him for his writing.

In particular, a night gala called “Lunar New Year’s stories” was an opportunity for generations to sit down together, share feelings, tell the stories of the old year and look forward to better things of the new year.

Talking about the program, Dang Ha Trang – Chairman of AEVTL shared: “Vietnam’s literary treasure has a huge cultural value. Therefore, we hope to honour Vietnamese national identity through the introduction of traditional literary works.”

Speaking at the festival, Deputy Mayor of Toulouse, Mr. Jean Claude Dardelet said that: “Vietnam and France in general, the twin cities of Toulouse and Ha Noi in particular, have had a long cooperative partnership. That relationship has been fostered and developed by the contribution of the Vietnamese community, especially the Vietnamese students in Toulouse – a very large, youthful and talented generation.”

At the night gala, the children performed with their parents the story of “Hundred eggs, hundred children” by showing ao dai on the background of “Lac Hong Blood” song. These special performances were carefully practiced by the students for months.

The performance of “Bong bong bang bang” by the organizing committee was also really impressive. Previously, the clip “Bong bong bang bang” made in Toulouse City square has attracted more than 10,000 views and dozens of shares on social networks.

Also in the festival, two plays built from the fairy tales “Tam Cam” and “Legend of watermelon” with French subtitles have received the support of a large number of international guests, especially little friends.

AEVTL’s 2020 Lunar New Year Festival has been a great success, demonstrating the solidarity, dynamism, creativity and venturesome spirit of Vietnamese overseas students in general and Vietnamese student community in Toulouse, France in particular.

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