Israel & Vietnam Folk Harmony program

Update: 07:00 | 20/08/2019
The Israeli Embassy in Vietnam and the Vietnam Performing Arts Centre and Cultural Events of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, will host the Israel & Vietnam Folk Harmony program in Ha Noi on 25 August.
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israel vietnam folk harmony program
The Israeli Embassy in Vietnam, and the Vietnam Performing Arts Centre and Cultural Events of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, will host the Israel & Vietnam Folk Harmony program in Youth Theater of Vietnam, Ha Noi on August 25.

On that night, the Israeli folk dance troupe ‘Hora Shemesh’ brings to Ha Noi audience its energetic dancing acts. Diverse traditional and modern themes are displayed by more than 20 artists, demonstrating through an amusing angle into Israeli life and culture. In the event, the Vietnamese bamboo ensemble ‘Suc Song Moi’, under the conduct of Dong Quang Vinh, also stages Central Highlands, Trinh Cong Son, and classical music with folk instruments.

Dance group ‘Hora Shemesh’ was formed 25 years ago by dancers from southern part of Israel, just at the gateway to the desert. Their acts of large numbers of performers, supported by vibrant costumes, often generate cheerful and dynamic atmosphere in the theatre.

‘Suc Song Moi’ is known in Vietnam for combining symphony and traditional instruments. 6 members of the band, all young artists from the National Music Academy, play T’rung, Ching’ram, Ding Pa, bamboo flute. Their instruments are modified to suit classical music and academic stage.

The program is within the annually exchange and introduction of Israel culture and arts framework in Vietnam. The Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam, Nadav Eshcar, remarks, "We bring all the way from Israel a typical Folk-Dance troupe, which aims to introduce to our Vietnamese friends the beauty and simplicity of the Israeli popular culture. Performing side by side with Vietnamese folk artists, they will demonstrate a joint harmonious spectacle for us to enjoy."

The organizers believe such cultural events will connect the two countries’ people closer and build up friendship among our arts circles. ‘Hora Shemesh’ is having a second performance in Lao Cai on 29 August in this Vietnam trip.

Ticket for the 25 August event can be picked up at the Ha Noi Tower, 49 Hai Ba Trung street, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi (Office hall), from 10:00 to 14:00 of 21-23 August.

Note: A maximum allocation of 04 tickets per person is applied.

More information about ‘Hora Shemesh’:

‘Hora Shemesh’ consists of 25 dancers from 30 to 75. Their numbers include a variety of dancing performances, normally extending from 3 to 7 minutes. Among their themes are “parents,” a signature performance of ‘Hora Shemesh’; folk; humour (such as on chefs); and characters drawing from the Bible.

The group performed in numerous countries, including China, South Korea, the Philippines, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Macedonia, and many more. In Israel, the group usually participates in Carmiel Festival, Jerusalem Festival, Nahalal Festival.

More information about ‘Suc Song Moi’:

‘Suc Song Moi’ is the first all-bamboo band in Vietnam who plays symphony and modern music. Its frontman, conductor Dong Quang Vinh, has been highly successful at bringing orchestral music closer to the public via traditional instruments.

‘Suc Song Moi’ hosted shows called “Autumn Bamboo” of classical and folk music. The band has been well sought by public cultural events of international audience.

israel vietnam folk harmony program

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israel vietnam folk harmony program

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