Homeland in the heart of Czech-born Vietnamese girl

Update: 09:37 | 19/12/2019
TGVN. Nguyen Linh Chi – a girl representing young Vietnamese who grew up in Czech but still has a commitment to the root with charity projects and voluntary activities such as “Rice with meet in Czech”, “Cultivating talents – English Club” and especially “Hospital beds for Vietnam”.
homeland in the heart of czech born vietnamese girl Vietnam joins multicultural exchange in Czech Republic
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homeland in the heart of czech born vietnamese girl
Linh Chi and her "Cultivating talents" team.

Having participated in “Rice with meat in Czech” – a charity program that helped organize cooking and providing food for students at some upland schools throughout Vietnam, Nguyen Linh Chi understands the difficulties and deprivation of poor children who have only white rice and salt all year round. Therefore, Chi – a student of the Grammar School Budejovicka in Prague, apart from the hobby of practicing gym, is still enthusiastic in voluntary projects towards the homeland.

Passionate about volunteering

Being busy with study but in recent time, with the program “Rice with meat”, Nguyen Linh Chi devotes herself to “Cultivating talents – English Club” – an English club established in 2016 with the goal of continuous development and improvement to look for the talents of the country, empower and create an open and civilized English environment for talents to have the opportunities to develop.

With the companion and sponsorship of the Summit Education, the club has been doing a lot of useful activities, became a place for pupils and students to create new things, learn and polish English knowledge as well as soft skills such as the English Class project, Study Abroad talkshow, weekly extra-curricular activities in the Czech Republic.

Not only that, the girl also boldly participated in the organization of the Association for Young Vietnamese Entrepreneurs (AYVE) – a place where Vietnamese young people and businesses gather together to create meaningful projects for Vietnamese community or connect the two countries’ businessmen communities.

Through this association, young Vietnamese can exchange experiences and tips in the fields of business, culture. For those who do not have experience, AYVE will support them to build relationships as well as create a safe environment to create useful projects, ideas.

Chi said, AYVE also organizes free English courses for businessmen, networking sessions, finance mindset-facilitating games, Vietnamese-subtitled film showing with the appearance of Vietnamese actors. AYVE’s projects always look forward to connecting the two countries’ communities.

Notably, in 2018, for the first time, a AYVE-funded Czech – Vietnam library came into operation in Brno city with the purpose of collecting all kinds of books, mainly Vietnamese, English and Czech ones. The library has now been moved to the AYVE’s office in Prague.

“I always want to participate in such projects because I feel happy to be able to do what I like. Additionally, as I have received support from many people, my projects are the way to repay a debt of gratitude to the community. I believe that successful people not only have the talent but also the responsibility. The gratitude is an essential thing for an individual to become mature”.

Getting happiness from little things

With above valuable experiences, Chi has confidently owned and implemented a new project named “Hospital beds for Vietnam” of AYVE. Inheriting the idea from a friends and partners from the Czech – Vietnamese friendship organization Paddy, she determined to take charge of this project.

Chi said that the project was created to support hospitals and health institutions in Vietnam that are not well-equipped, especially in remote areas, difficult areas, by providing free medical supplies, which helped improving the quality of medical examination and treatment as well as public health services in Vietnam. Taking advantage of the hospital beds in European Union hospitals which are being replaced by electric adjustable beds, Chi’s group is working with the importing unit to provide aid to Vietnam.

Although the project has just been launched and introduced, Chi’s team has received positive attention and feedback from the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic as well as generous donors who have agreed to support the project. Currently, Sumperk Hospital in the Czech Republic is providing nearly-free hospital beds and medical supplies. AYVE and Paddy will help connect the Czech team with hospitals and health facilities facing difficulties in Vietnam.

From her activities, Chi wishes to contribute to helping those who do not have basic conditions and spread the message “Life is in our hands. If I do not act, my life can not be changed."

In her opinion, “many young people are pursuing vague values of success, but remember that happiness is success. In order to be happy, we do not have to do something great, just do small but meaningful actions for the community and the homeland.”

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