Climbing up Thoi Loi mountain in Ly Son Island

Update: 00:00 | 10/07/2017
Formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, Ly Son Island and its Thoi Loi mountain boast a magnificent beauty.  
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From afar, the mountain resembles a citadel wall made up of rocks of diverse sizes and patterns. At the very top of the mountain a light house and a national flag stand tall.

climbing up thoi loi mountain in ly son island
Thoi Loi mountain in Ly Son Island. (Photo: Viettravel)

Thoi Loi is the first stop on any tour of Ly Son. The road to the summit is winding and zigzagged, so electric car is the most popular method to get to there. Some visitors, however, take motorbikes, so they can pause on the way to take beautiful images.

Around the mountain are many scenic spots including Cave Pagoda, the National Flag Pole, the Light House, and a fresh water lake. After passing through the tough path to get to the top of the mountain, visitors will be overwhelmed by the spectacular view of sea, mountain, and sky.

The National Flag Pole is 20 meters high and looks out to Hoang Sa (Paracel) Island. The ordinate of Ly Son is written on the main side of the pole and the stand is painted red to match the color of the flag as a symbol of Viet Nam’s maritime sovereignty.

Nguyen Quoc Phong, a visitor from Phu Yen Province said: “I have always dreamed of visiting Ly Son Island, the front island of the nation. Moreover, it is a beautiful tourist place."

Traces of volcanic eruption still remain on Thoi Loi mountain, at Cave Pagoda, Cau Cave, and particularly the fresh water lake. Part of the lake was created by the building of a huge dam in 2012. The lake is the major water supplier for farms on the mountain. Beneath Thoi Loi are garlic fields comparable to colorful chessboards.

Tran Dinh Truoc, a local tour guide said: “I was born and grown up in Ly Son Island. Visitors to the island enjoy the beautiful landscape of the mountain and the sea and will feel even more proud of the homeland."

Standing on the highest tower of Thoi Loi light house, visitors can experience a panoramic view of Ly Son Island, the villages and garlic fields, and the vast sea.

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