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Update: 08:51 | 07/02/2020
TGVN. The dream of coming to China - the most populous country in the world with its long history and culture, came true when I was fortunate to join ASEAN press group at the invitation of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in October 2019.
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The cities and towns I have set foot in, the people I have met all leave an unforgettable impression...

china in my heart
The author at the Great Wall.

Beijing is fresh and more

Contrary to what has been previously heard about one of China's most polluted cities, the sky of Beijing in October was truly beautiful blue. Such the blue color, according to the tour guide, originated from the massive "Find the sky" campaign that Beijing launched since 2013. A "total battle" with air pollution after 15 years has helped Beijing improve its environmental quality considerably.

Images of people wearing face masks or artificial respirators which are often seen in the media, were not seen on the roads from the airport to the hotel where we stayed. Turning to my colleagues from the Hanoi Times newspaper, I did not hide my amused surprise: "Oh, Beijing is so fresh... unexpectedly."

Before entering busy working days, our delegation was arranged to visit some famous places in Beijing such as Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City and the Great Wall.

Chinese people have the saying: "Swashbuckling heroes must visit the Great Wall". Therefore, I was very excited and really overwhelmed when seeing the majestic sections of the Wall surrounded by forests and lakes.

Leaving the Great Wall, our delegation visited Tian'anmen Square - one of the most famous squares in the world, which is often considered as the heart of Beijing and the venue for major marches and celebrations of China.

Adjacent to the Tiananmen Square is the Forbidden City, a building complex of 720,000 m2 that is home of 24 emperors from the Ming to the Qing dynasty. It is also considered the largest museum in the world, containing many of the most important art treasures of Chinese people.

Kunming – city of flowers

Leaving behind the cold of Beijing, after more than 4 hours of flight, Kunming – the capital city of Yunnan province, welcomed our delegation in the typical warm weather of the Southern region.

Located between the Yunnan and Guizhou plateaus, 1,894m high above the sea, the beautiful scenery makes Kunning become an ideal tourism destination for not only domestic but also foreign tourists.

Visiting the city, I told my friend that it was not exaggerating to say that this place was a “city of flower”. Flowers were planted on fences, on strips of roads. On sidewalks, small colorful flower spots were arranged. Many banners, cubes were built by real and fake flower spots which look very sophisticated and lively.

According to the introduction of Jacob Chen – the guide from Yunnan Department of Foreign Affairs, flowers have become a key industry and an important contribution to the tourism industry in Kunming.

Miracle of poverty reduction

From Kunming, our delegation continued to move to Malipo district (Wenshan county) and Mengzi city (Honghe county) – two mountainous localities which are famous for China’s poverty reduction model.

Although the journey from Kunming to Malipo and Mengzi is quite far (it took more than a day by coach), all the tiredness seemed to disappear before the warm and friendly reception of people here.

Witnessing clean concrete roads, spacious new houses, we really felt the joy of local people when the standard of life is gradually changing thanks to the government’s poverty reduction program.

Nanyou village of Malipo district now has 132 households with a population of 462 people. If 10 years ago, the average annual income per capita of the people here was only a few hundreds of Yuan, now the income has increased to more than 7,000 Yuan. “It is the amount of income that we did not dare to think of”, a resident said.

Impressing us with the ability to speak Vietnamese fluently, Mrs. Ngoc Van, an 55-year-old official from Wenshan County’s Office of Poverty Reduction shared that poverty reduction has been always one of priority goals. This work has the participation of all central agencies from ministries such as Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Education and Training,... to localities.

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