Businessman Vo Thanh Dang: Carry out mission of spreading

Update: 09:20 | 11/12/2019
TGVN. Not only being a model of overseas Vietnamese businessman returning to invest in the homeland, Vo Thanh Dang is also doing meaningful works to inspire entrepreneurship and creativity to young people...
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Having been a Singaporean citizen for more than 10 years, you are still very active in Vietnam. What are the sources of energy that made you able to play a variety of roles, from graphic designer, advertiser to brand consultant and developer and a speaker eventually?

I think I have a lot of positive energy and the work that gave me the opportunity to carry out the mission of spreading good values. As this power spreads to many people, I myself was also empowered to conquer new successes.

businessman vo thanh dang carry out mission of spreading
Businessman Vo Thanh Dang.

Working mainly in the creative industry, are you surely looking forward to other fields?

Right! In addition to creative activities, I recently invested in the field of healthcare. Currently, I am connecting with units in Singapore and Malaysia to bring health organizations to Vietnam to improve facilities and create conditions for Vietnamese patients to access better treatment conditions.

Along with healthcare, I am also interested in education when I have opportunities to work with human training and development units. I see that Vietnamese young people are lacking many skills at work, especially soft skills that help bringing successes in their careers. Therefore, I participated in training, coaching and inspiring them.

What about the role of Vice President of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Association Abroad (VEAA)?

At the VEAA, I was assigned to be in charge of young overseas Vietnamese and start-up. Recently at the event of overseas Vietnamese's Economic Forum in South Korea, we launched the Overseas Vietnamese's Foundation for Start-up which expected to raise about VND 20 billion to start supporting a number of young overseas Vietnamese start-up projects.

When joining the VEAA and became its Vice President, I have opportunity to connect with agencies in Vietnam as well as able to actively approach, share and inspire young overseas Vietnamese who returned to the homeland to start up and invest in business.

In order to inspire that, what do you usually tell young expatriates?

I think myself is a living example. When studying abroad in Australia and New Zealand, I found many opportunities for me abroad. When I became a Singaporean citizen in 2007, I did not think that I would return to Vietnam to do business. But in 2006, when Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), my thinking changed. I saw this as an opportunity for people living abroad to return to their homeland to develop their careers.

In fact, at present, Vietnam is increasingly integrating deeply into the world. The government and the state have many directly-concerning policies to support overseas Vietnamese like us. Especially, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese has always been a bridge to help us organize events and connect us with like-minded people. For young expatriates, they are always welcomed, encouraged to start a business in their homeland and given many favorable conditions.

In your opinion, what are Vietnam’s potential markets that can attract overseas Vietnamese intellectuals and entrepreneurs?

Currently, the worldwide trend is in technology and artificial intelligence. This is an outstanding strength of most overseas intellectuals and businessmen. Vietnam is a new land for them to develop their talents, careers and contribution to this country.

So why some overseas people are still afraid of returning to homeland?

I think the state and the government have been doing well in terms of guidelines and policies. However, it is important that the guidelines and policies must be implemented in detail and reached expatriates successfully. Overseas Vietnamese people are currently encountering a lot of conflicting information flows.

What suggestions do you have to promote and maximize the overseas Vietnamese resources effectively to develop the country?

We hope that in the country, there will be more channels to get the up-to-date and accurate information, right and timely policies as well as forums so that overseas people can easily connect and share. Overseas people need many such channels to receive accurate, balanced and carefully selective information. When Vietnam excels at communication and promotion of the national image to the world, overseas Vietnamese will have more faith, proud and motivation to return to do business and contribute to developing the homeland.

Thank you so much!

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