Beethoven book released in Vietnamese

Update: 09:09 | 08/04/2020
A Vietnamese version of Beethoven: The Music and The Life has been released on the occasion of the composer's 250th birthday (1770-2020).
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The 736-page book is published by Omega Plus Books to provide Vietnamese music students with a chance to enjoy the book that was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in biography. It was written by Lewis Lockwood in 2003.

beethoven book released in vietnamese
Pianist Trang Trinh is the editor of the Vietnamese version of 'Beethoven: The Music and The Life'. (Photo: VNA)

Unlike regular biographies that focus on personal lives and exploit details that are almost legendary, this book can be analysed, said pianist Trang Trinh, the book's editor.

It is one of the few academic books that can be read easily and still includes the milestones in his life. The book is the best of both worlds for common and intensive approaches."

The book has four parts comprising of The First Years of Life When Beethoven in Bonn (1770 - 1792), First Adulthood - Years in Vienna (1792 - 1802), Second Adulthood Years (1802 - 1812) and The Last Adulthood Years (1813 - 1827).

The Vietnamese version includes a list of music in a QR Code and pictures of Beethoven and his autograph.

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(Source: VNA)