Bac Giang converges potentials to become a major economic hub

Update: 21:00 | 25/06/2020
TGVN. Owning the favorable geographical location, natural conditions, abundant and high-quality labor force, as well as appropriate development strategies and the growth aspiration of entire Party Committee, the local government and people of the province, Bac Giang is on the way to become a major economic hub in Vietnam’s northern region.
Vietnam unique lychee market in full swing
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Bac Giang has over 28,100 hectares of lychee trees expected to produce some 160,000 tonnes of the fruit. The early lychee harvest is estimated to be 45,000 tonnes on 6,000 hectares, with the remainder grown during the main crop.

Unlock potentials and strengths

Bac Giang has a very favorable geographical position, located in the capital of Ha Noi, on the economic corridor of Nanning (China) - Lang Son - Ha Noi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh, far from the center of the Capital Ha Noi and Noi Bai international airport about 50km, 110 km from Huu Nghi border gate (Lang Son) and 140 km from Hai Phong Port. Bac Giang has a natural area of ​​approximately 3,900 km², of which over 75% is agricultural land, ensuring a large land fund for future industrial, urban and service development. The province's population reaches over 1.8 million people (ranked 12th in the country) and is in the period of golden population structure, with over 1.1 million people of working age.

Along with that, Bac Giang is also favored by nature, favorable rain, favorable wind, soil conditions, climate are very favorable for the development of both industrial and agricultural production. At the same time, with many beautiful landscapes of rivers, streams, hills, mountains and over 2,200 monuments, of which nearly 1,000 have been ranked, associated with long-standing historical and cultural media, is a great advantage to developing ecotourism, spiritual services and relaxation services.

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“Thieu lychee kingdom” looks to conquer demanding markets “Thieu lychee kingdom” looks to conquer demanding markets

The system of the socio-economic infrastructure of the province is planned and invested in development quite synchronously and modernly. Bac Giang has a diversified transportation network with all three types of transportation, including roads, railways and riverways, the ability to connect and the link between regions in the province, and major economic centers in the province. Industrial, urban, and service infrastructure, especially logistics and warehousing services are also being strongly invested to develop to take advantage of the center of trade in transport and warehousing in the Northern Midlands and Mountains region.

Promoting those potentials and advantages well, in recent years, Bac Giang province has made rapid and comprehensive development steps in all fields from the economy, culture, society to national defense and security.

The economic growth rate (GRDP) continuously maintained at a high level, averaging 14.6% in the 2016-2019 period, and 16.2% in 2019 alone, ranking the third in the country; The scale of the economy is increasingly expanding.

The industry has had a breakthrough development; agriculture has increasingly affirmed its position in both domestic and foreign markets; Continued investment attraction is among the top 10 provinces and cities nationwide.

Economic structure, labor structure continues to shift in a positive direction; Urban and rural appearance changes clearly. Political security is guaranteed; The material and spiritual life of the people is improved.

External activities are also increasingly promoted to expand cooperation, promote economic and cultural exchanges with localities, partners in the region and the world in order to gradually build and affirm the image and the position of a friendly Bac Giang with rich development potential. Achievements over the years are a solid foundation to ensure development in the coming period.

bac giang converges potentials to become a major economic hub
Dinh Tram Industrial Park, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province.

Bac Giang - a big economic hub in the North

Currently, Bac Giang province is focusing on studying to formulate a provincial plan for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050 to orientation and prepare conditions for development in the coming period. Based on the potentials, advantages and development platform of the past years, Bac Giang has determined that it will continue to focus on developing synchronously in all 3 fields, industry, agriculture and services towards development.

Fast, stable and durable, in particular: taking the industry as the main driving force for growth, striving to make Bac Giang become one of the major industrial development centers of the region; to build modern agriculture, in the direction of concentrated, large-scale commodity production, hi-tech application and clean agriculture, ensuring competitiveness and creating a foundation for stable and sustainable development.

Export of fresh lychees to Japan faces hurdles in face of COVID-19

Export of fresh lychees to Japan faces hurdles in face of COVID-19

At the same time, promoting the development of a diversified and modern service industry, focusing on potential types of services such as transportation, warehousing, logistics, trading, entertainment and entertainment services to bring Bac Giang back; To become a center and a focal point for trade in transport and warehousing of the region and a tourist resort for the Ha Noi capital region.

Bac Giang aims to maintain the economic growth rate (GRDP) by 2025 among the leading provinces and cities nationwide; accelerate the growth model transformation from width to depth; comprehensive development with the focus on human development; continue focusing on promoting investment attraction, expanding GRDP scale, striving to be among the top 15 provinces and cities nationwide.

To accomplish that goal, Bac Giang province will synchronously deploy solutions to ensure comprehensive development, which identifies three breakthrough solutions groups to focus on implementing in the coming period, including:

(1) To build a truly qualified, dynamic, creative and drastic cadre of cadres, civil servants and public employees with good promotion of the role of the head; Along with that, the timely promulgation of mechanisms and policies to promote socio-economic development, environmental protection and climate change response.

(2) Comprehensive development of human resources, science and technology, innovation, associated with arousing the dedication aspirations and rising intentions of each cadre, civil servant and people; promote the values ​​of culture, tradition, the people of Bac Giang to be united, loving, consensus; building a rich, civilized and healthy cultural environment and life.

(3) Synchronous development of infrastructure, with a focus on transport infrastructure, industrial park and urban infrastructure in a synchronous, modern and intelligent direction.

Bac Giang province also determined to continue to improve strongly the business investment environment, associated with strengthening cooperation with countries in the ASEAN Community, the region and the world to take advantage of opportunities to promote foreign direct investment attraction.

Regarding the policy, the province continues to focus on attracting investment in all 3 fields of industry, agriculture and services; viewpoints of selective attraction, giving priority to projects with great spillover capacity, capable of associating with domestic enterprises to form and develop clusters of industry clusters, with advanced technologies and investment rates, using few employees, contributing much to the budget; resolutely reject projects that waste resources and are likely to cause environmental pollution.

Party Committee, authorities and people of Bac Giang province believe that the coming years will be a good opportunity to make a breakthrough in socio-economic development, to make Bac Giang increasingly developed and affirming its position as one of the major economic centers in the North.

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Duong Van Thai

Chairman of Bac Giang People’s Committee