The Vietnamese Embassy and Vietnamese people in Laos offered incense to heroic martyrs at the Laos-Vietnam Fighting Alliance monument in Keun village of Thoulakhom district, ...

power machines in vietnam half a century of cooperation

Cooperation between Power Machines, a leading company in the Russian power engineering and the Republic of Vietnam began more than half a century ago, with the delivery of three generators for the Thac Ba hydraulic power plant, which was the country's most powerful one for a long time. 

australia partially ends probe against vietnams zinc coated steel

The Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) under the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science of Australia has announced the partial rescission of its anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation on Vietnamese zincs coated (galvanised) steel. 

  • Photo/ Hanoi’s double-decker sightseeing bus makes first trip

    A double-decker sightseeing bus embarked on a trial operation in the capital city on June 30, to collect public feedback before starting official service which is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter.

    hanois double decker sightseeing bus makes first trip
  • Photo/ Happiness felt in families in Vietnam

    Family Day or Vietnamese Family Day June 28, is an important cultural event to celebrate the traditional cultural values of the family - the cell of society. Some photos of the daily life of Vietnamese families by the members of the CFA club.

    happiness felt in families in vietnam
  • Photo/ Picturesque Mu Cang Chai in monsoon season

    Mu Cang Chai district in Yen Bai province is famous for its yellow terraced rice fields. But visitors who come during the flood season will be stunned by the beauty of these magnificent rice fields blending harmoniously with the surrounding mountains and forests.

    picturesque mu cang chai in monsoon season
  • Photo/ Vegetable gardens green Truong Sa archipelago

    Braving harsh weather conditions, naval officers and soldiers in the island district of Truong Sa, the southern central province of Khanh Hoa, still plant vegetables so as to improve their meals.

    vegetable gardens green truong sa archipelago
  • Photo/ Gongs – Echoes of Central Highlands forests & mountains

    Generations of ethnic groups in the Central Highlands have used gongs to convey their innermost sentiments and communicate with their deities.

    gongs echoes of central highlands forests amp mountains